about me

Health practitioner for psychotherapy,
Systemic Coach

(born in 1971)

  • certified health practitioner for psychotherapy
  • certified NLP-Trainer DVNLP *,
  • certified Business Coach ECA*,
  • certified Master-Health-Coach ECA*,
  • Aura-Soma Pracitioner Level 2,
  • TaoKi Master Level 4

* DVNLP: German registered Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming

* ECA:     European Coaching Association

After years of professional life in tourism and luxury jewellery brand marketing, I began to dive into the fields of psychology. In 2005 I started my first training in NLP and continued studies in various forms of therapy. Among others in:


NLP, kinesiology, bioenergetics, body oriented psychotherapy, systemic coaching, breathig work, Aura-Soma colour psychology , energetic healing (Tao Ki) und sexology.

Studies and trainings

2005/2006:  NLP-Practitioner , Tempelhof-Seminare, Augsburg
2006:          Nutrition trainer, IFAA, München
2006/2007:  NLP-Master, Tempelhof-Seminare, Augsburg
Feb. 2007:   Kinesiology `3-in-1 Concepts´ level 1 `Tools of the Trade´, Klaus Wienert, München
März 2007:   Kinesiology `Touch for Health´ level 1, Silvana Schmitt, Paracelsus school, Augsburg
April 2007:   Kinesiology `Touch for Health´ level 2 & 3, Helga Petres, IAK Kirchzarten
2007:          Tao-Ki level 1 & 2, Engelbert Maugg, Allgäu
2008:          PsychoEnergetics, Klaus Wienert, München
2008/2009:  NLP-Trainer, Tempelhof-Seminare, Augsburg
2008/2009:  Coach, ECA , Tempelhof-Seminare Augsburg
2008:          Tao Ki master level 3, Engelbert Maugg, Allgäu
2009:          Body oriented annual training (incl. bioenergetics, breathing work), Brigitte Müller, Ausburg
2009:          Tao Ki master level 4, Engelbert Maugg, Allgäu
2009:          Aura-Soma level 1, Khushbu Rita Deutschmann, München
Aura-Soma level 2, Khushbu Rita Deutschmann, München
2010:          Master-Health-Coach, Tempelhof-Seminare, Augsburg
2010:          Personal-Presentation-Skills, Khushbu Rita Deutschmann, München
2012:          Aura-Soma Subtle Energy Massage, Khushbu Rita Deutschmann, München
2013/2014:  Visiting student "Religions of Tibet and India", Ludwig Maximilian Universität, München
2015:          Sexology & Sexual Coaching, level 1 and 2,  Susanna-Sitari Rescio, Hamburg
2016:          Kashmiri Tantrism and Tandava, Daniel Odier, München

2016:          Examination as health practitioner for psychotherapy, public health department, Augsburg