energetic healing

Your body remembers ...


Profound emotional imbalances like anger, stress, grief, fear or the like inevitably leave their traces within our body. Sooner or later these traces show up as energetic blockages disrupting the natural flow of life. This pattern of disorder may already start in childhood and continue lifelong. 



Blockages manifest in manifold ways like e.g. chronic pain, metabolic changes, weaknesses or vulnerability in specific organs or body areas.



High frequency healing energies may soothe these blockages or even dissolve them. By means of subtle healing massages or intuitive body streaming, negative mental, emotional and somatic patterns are changed in a loving, gentle and respectful way.
Depending on personal preferences the sessions may take place in deep silence or whilst talking.


You will feel the positive effects of energetic healing sessions not only physically but all the more emotionally.


Profound peace, inner silence and an increase in joy of life are some of the benefits of the initial sessions. Self healing powers are activated on various levels and in the majority of cases clients subsequently find inspiration for solving long existent problems.



Adults:                          75,- € per 60 minutes.

Children (0-16) years:  55,- € per 60 minutes.


Please note:

Energetic healing sessions serve to activate, stimulate and support somatic self healing powers and are no substitute for the diagnosis, treatment or medication of a doctor!