sexual coaching & sexology


based on method


Potential requests:

  • Sexual insecurity, extreme timidity

  • Absolute beginner
  • Chronic inappetence (lack of lust)

  • Relationship problems, infidelity problems

  • Fear of sex, guilt & shame

  • Orgasmic disorder
    (no orgasm)

  • Pains or cramps during sex
  • Sexuality in old age


Please note:
Sexual coaching for men only as a part of couple counselling with partner!

Or after prior sessions on non-sexual topics!


  Potential requests:

  • Relationship problems, infidelity problems
  • Sexual disfunction, lacking endurance
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Chronic inappetence (lack of lust)

and more, please contact me for further requests…


Individuals:   75,- €   incl. VAT per  60 minutes

Couples:       120,-€  incl. VAT per  75 minutes

Feedback of a happy couple wishing to become pregnant:


"Monika is an amazing therapist!

In our sessions with her we worked on intimacy blocks. She made us feel totally comfortable the entire time, helping us accept ourselves and bringing us closer than ever. After a relatively short time we were able to fulfil our wish of starting a family."