aura-soma colour psychology


"Your are the colours that you choose and they reflect your being`s needs."

Vicky Wall

Aura-Soma is a fascinating colour therapy system on the basis of precious plant and crystal essences.


Since the beginning of time, there has been an intense resonance between mankind and colours – no matter what culture, age or intellectual / educational background.  Within the split of a second we know intuitively which colour we feel attracted to in this very moment of time. This subconscious choice never fails and always stands for a certain need or statement on the soul level.  

The effects of colour are manifold: sometimes they act as keys to hidden potentials, sometimes they give us high frequency impulses  to release blockages or they may even refill lacks in the subtle energy body. 

A dip into the ocean of colours is like coming home. A deep refill for psyche and soul – just BEING thoroughly you without having to DO anything!


'Aura-Soma' may be translated into 'aura body' and that is exactly where the jewels of light unfold their blessings:
within the electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical body expanding further into our emotional and mental spheres.


Please find much more and highly interesting information on the official Aura-Soma website

Aura-soma consultation in Augsburg

116 bicolored, oil-on-water balance (equilibrium) bottles constitute the centerpiece of a classic Aura-Soma consultation. Out of this whole range, you choose 4 bottles that intuitively attract you most.

In their colour combination these 4 bottles represent a clear indication on where you stand as a soul being in time:

Purpose and main task(s) of this lifetime; the main challenges and und obstacles you are facing; your greatest potential; how far you have come with regard to dealing with what you wanted to integrate as well as probable timelines into the future. 


All of this will be profoundly analysed and disclosed to you during a session of approx. 60 minutes.

If you then choose to take action in facing obstacles or releasing potential I am at your disposal for further sessions comprising coaching, cognitive behavioural methods, gestalt therapy methods, healing energetics, deep relaxation and the like.



75,-€ per 4-bottle-reading (approx. 60 minutes)